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Author Topic: Fair-Priced Forum & Desc Maker (HELP WITH MY MEDICAL BILLS! D:)  (Read 834 times)

Offline Bananasaurus

I make Proboards and Invisionfree forums, though I'm much more experienced with Proboards. Here are three forums I made, the first two being personal ones and the third being for my boyfriend. I had help with the second one, but I can now do the things I needed help with. :P

I can manipulate images with a few of the online photo manipping programs as well. I made all the banner images for those sites.

Whisper me on Anechka, Amelia Scarborough, or Ozzy Emerald, or reply here.

UPDATE: Unfortunately I've run in to some serious medical bills from two back-to-back hospital visits, so I really need actual money. As such, Digos will usually be turned down (but go ahead and try me anyways) and GD will be much steeper in price than Paypal.

DRAGON SCALES: Price negotiable
PAYPAL: Price negotiable (PREFERRED)

DIGOS (Prefferred): Catten, Squeeken, Bat, Any Wings BUT Butterfly, Kiwi, Ferian Dragon, Poneigh, Canen, Ottifet, Rabben, Tygard, Any Noble, Pookie, Dragon, Gryffe (really want one of these!), Phoenix, Kirin, Unicorns, Kitters
DIGOS (Sometimes Accepted): Fluff, Woolie, Wolven, Butterfly Wings, Lynxen, Foxen, Flox, Owlen, Leonen, Furling
PORT SPACES: Non-animated only, please.

CHARACTER ART: See this thread.

I WILL NEVER accept Naga or desc tags. Sowwy. :c

Sample Descriptions (More to Come):

A Happy Customer (do not use!):
A muffled <i>'oink'</i> alerted those around to the precious cargo within the satchel slung on this gent's shoulder. Its tiny pink snout snuffled free of the flap often, only to be withdrawn soon after. Beyond that, the man with sharp-edged cheekbones was hardly noteworthy. Sandy hair fringed his deep set eyes that stole their shade from the tumultuous seas, wrongfully giving the impression he was cold and without mirth. Quite the contrary this cherubic-lipped cad was known for his generous patience and soft touch in fragile situations.

Xochiquetzel, Dryad/Forest Spirit:
A beguiling creature upon trivial glance, the verdant-haired imp was the essence of nature: pure, fickle, and entirely unpredictable. Over-sized eyes the deep, rich color of coffee dominated the damsel's diminutive visage, complimented by swirling, tree-like whorls marking her cheeks. Her oft heard laughter sounded like a wind chime tinkling against itself, buffeted by a gentle breeze.

Generic Feral Wolf:
The male stood at an average height and bore a rather unimpressive coat pattern: sandy hues along his spine melding seamlessly with dustier shades before fading to an egg-shell ivory along his shaggy underside. But those eyes of his... Fiery and cast in shadow by his heavy brow, never wavering from their intended target. The intensity within that fierce countenance had caused more than a few to shy away, which was a shame really. This fellow had a heart of gold beneath that steely gaze, if only others would take the time to notice.
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I may commission a description of you. You write nicely. :)

Offline Bananasaurus

Cool beans! If you'd like, send me some information on the character and I'll write something up for you. Also, thanks. *blush*

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Updated with pricing information.

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Updated with new example.

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Bump. :D