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Author Topic: 2 Nonremap KITTENS super, super sweet looking (+animated maybe)  (Read 471 times)

Offline Zwei

I'm very picky, and I'm so sorry. On top of being picky, this is a port in memory of somebody very, very dear to my heart so I need it to be absolutely adorable.

I'm actually looking for two. One just a plain nonremap, a little kitten, (I'll decide the fur colors soon), in a cute pose. Rolling around, laying on his back, pawing at string, laying in a basket. It's really up to your tastes, just run it past me first. I'd like to keep the price down, but if you're willing to wait until I get paid next week I can stretch the price a tiny bit. Just give me an estimate and we'll work from there.

The second one I want laying in a field, batting at butterflies or something similar. This one means a lot to me, it's ridiculous. If you can quote me for nonremap plain, and a nonremap animated I'd love you dearly. Animation wouldn't have to be very involved, a fluttering butterfly, a swishing tail, a batting paw, blinking eyes. Just anything really. If I commission you, just run your ideas by me.

I'm pretty easy to please, it's just the style I'm picky about.
You can whisper me on Aristes, or Swastika. I'll try to remember to check this thread.
Let me know how long your slots are open, or if you're not open now but still interested, I can wait as long as you need. I'm in no hurry. :)