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Author Topic: Karkat Vantas port (closed until further notice, will be reopened in the future)  (Read 437 times)

Offline Miints

Okay, so I roleplay the canon Homestuck troll Karkat on Furcadia, and I am looking for more port arts to dress him up with.

I'm willing to spend anything 10GD and under for preferably nonremap (but remap is fine if that's all you can do). His character design is not all that difficult. I'm not looking for amazingly detailed or super realistic.

Something mildly grumpy looking with hunched shoulders or crossed arms is all. Dat slight overbite is a must. Also slight bags under the eyes. If you want to add the sharp nails, those are orange yellow. References (art not mine) below.

If you want to do remap, here's an idea for the remappable parts.
Hair => Hair
Fur => Skin
Eyes => Nails
Shoes => Pupils
Markings => Symbol
Badge => Bottom of Horn
Bracers => Middle of Horn
Vest => Shirt
Boots => Eyes
Cape => Tip of Horn
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