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Author Topic: Seeking a port or two of my cervine, see methods of payment inside.  (Read 379 times)

Offline Valia

This is my cervine character, there is a reference and descriptions on her site.

First and foremost, I CANNOT PAY IN DS/DIGOS/MONEY. What I can pay in is either art (I have some examples that I can show you, find contact info below) or Gaia gold. P: Weird payment methods? Yes. Do I have any other way to pay? Nope.

I will gladly sort out a deal with you under these terms if you so wish, provided I like your style/port art.

I do not want to see low quality art work, though, I want something medium-high quality.

I like nonremap, I like remap, I like pixel, I like non-pixel. Just depends on your skill level.

Whisper ingame (furcadia) as: waterdeer
PM on gaia as: GET OFFA MAH LAWN

Ingame: Fwoosh