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Author Topic: ---> Taking commish's, yo!  (Read 435 times)

Offline Aicario

---> Taking commish's, yo!
«: December 23, 2011, 02:04:46 AM»
A good friend of mine is currently looking to start doing commissions!

As of right now, he feels his strengths are with black and white(sketches) - anything right now, other than feral. NO FERALS.

A link to his DA is here:


He is also able to do overlaying effects, like SO, however depending on which effect you would like it will effect the price of the final outcome.

Sketches are currently 15$
Effects, depending, will be anywhere from 16-20$


Reference pictures are a MUST, and preferably MORE than one is loved!

--- Reply here, PM me, or whisper Aicario
[email protected]

Character Name:
Mood: (what pose you want your charrie in, what you want them doing, their expression, yadda yadda. what do you want it to look like?)
Edits(if any): (do you want it to look like an old photograph, do you want blood splatter?)

KEEP IN MIND; they will not be chosen in order - those he feels he can do well on, he will do first.