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Author Topic: NEED A PORT ARTIST!  (Read 403 times)

Offline Turah

«: December 24, 2011, 01:35:13 PM»
Need a cheap port artist, I'm offering 3GD.. and maybe like one naked alt of mine or a year digo.. I can give a list of the alts, and one alt is Billy Mays.. xD I have pretty good names. But, I need a feral gryphon portrait. I'd like it to look adorable, cute, and fluffy. and innocent. It's a character based on my bird I own in real life, his name is Kirby and he's a Green Cheek Conure. :) PM me or Whisper in game on Turah for a faster response. I have refs for him, so whisper me please! :D  thanks so much, oh and the port can be remap or nonremap. I'd prefer nonremap though. ^^ thanks!

And guys I know I'm not offering much, but I can't pay a whole drawn out 10 dollars or 20 for a pixelated portrait.. And money's hard to come by today, and I am not going to waste alot of it on pixels. :C I just need a small simple port..
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Offline Turah

«Reply #1: December 31, 2011, 11:05:52 AM»
Nevermind, got one~