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Author Topic: Looking for port for Nudoru O:  (Read 467 times)

Offline Sollux

Looking for port for Nudoru O:
«: December 26, 2011, 10:51:40 PM»
Looking for a new port to be made of my alt Nudoru.
Currently the only ones she has are of when she was younger and I'm looking for one to be done of how she appears now.
This has everything about her, the first picture you see to the right is how I want her to look in the port. http://gorillaz.wikia.com/wiki/Noodle

Need one done before 2012-01-05/22:17:01/Thu

I can pay in paypal but Id prefer to pay with alts or art trade.

DA: http://smidgenpidgen.deviantart.com/ havent updated in a month or so.
Crimson Loftwing -Naked/From Zelda
Garurumon -Naked/Digimon
Quezacotl -Lioness alt, ported. Ask to see.
Northern Dancer - Horse alt, ported iwth old port.
Thats it for now.

Reply or contact me on: Cyborg Noodle, Nudoru, or Ninetails