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Author Topic: Sierra, Ailive. Roary on FAM.  (Read 377 times)

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Sierra, Ailive. Roary on FAM.
«: December 30, 2011, 12:00:23 AM»
Sierra, Ailive. Roary on FAM.
7 November 2011, 8:26 pm

This is just a general warning:

Player Sierra on Furc, Roary on FAM, had an alt with a flox up for sale as seen in this thread: http://altmarket.net/index.php?topic=51261.msg624862#msg624862

*A screenshot just in case original thread is erased or removed: http://i44.tinypic.com/2lmq3va.png

     So, on 11/05/11, I inquire to her on my alt #Sc and we do a trade, which goes over smooth. I just wanted the flox, not the alt. I traded one portrait space to Sierra and 35 paypal to her mother's paypal account. After which, I, because of medication effects, afked and left well enough alone. Normally, I would change the pw, but you know. That was 100% my bad on all accounts, and I own up to that. So, I go to log onto the alt, Ailive, today and it says "Password or User name invalid" or whatever Furc's shit is when the pw is incorrect. So, I immediately whisper her, but she's afk. I tell her she has one hour (3:56pm EST) to respond before I contact paypal. Unlike a lot of people, I don't wait or pussy foot around. Especially when it comes to my bread. In my opinion, there's no reason to even bother with something you've sold. That's just my opinion.

     Exactly one hour later, no response. I said fine and gave Paypal a ring and made a claim against her mother's account. 15 minutes later, I leave until 8pm EST. I get back and see this. I will paraphrase, but not by much:

     "BustedAssBitchWithNoSens e writes I hope you aren't upset! I said, "people like you" to the other person because it's none of their business. I needed the alt back, the owner wanted to buy it back and I am not one to take away sentimental value.

Your's truly,



     Who in the hell....I don't even. She made no effort to tell me. At all. She made no effort to tell me. At all. FYI- My money holds sentimental value to me, so... Yanno, she kind of took it from someone. This child has no fucking sense at all. You don't sell someone a cup of lemonade, put it in their hand, and then reach into the cup for the ice. Fortunately, I learned not to do trades whilst under the influence of narcotics, or not change e-mails and passwords. I did, after making my self known in many forms, get my money back. I did report the paypal account Paypal and their recommended scammer alert site. I am probably out one port space, but I will cut my losses and take it as a life lesson if that's the case. But I surely do know, no one runs off with my money. Honey, please.

    I wont say don't trade with her, but please just use your sense because this child only uses hers for greed. I don't care about your experiences or thoughts on the matter. I'm just saying, this happened and ne'er a soul should lose their money over something like this.

Source: Furcadia Alt Market - Trading Scam Alerts

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