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Author Topic: Lifer Lynxen Taken?  (Read 422 times)

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Lifer Lynxen Taken?
«: December 30, 2011, 12:00:32 AM»
Lifer Lynxen Taken?
22 November 2011, 4:04 pm

i traded the alt 'irisi' who had one port, two available art pieces and one leonen to the user 'noni' who gave me the password for her alt 'toffie' which had a lifer lynxen that would become tradeable again within the month. a couple of days before the trade wait was up i tried to log into toffie (i had no trouble logging in to her before, i had done so a couple of times) and it said the password that i had provided was not correct.

i went back to the whisper logs i had which gave the clear password, tried again, even deleted the .ini file and put the password and email back in to recover the alt, and still nothing. irisi has been sold to a new owner now who says that the leonen was taken when it was sold to her, and noni hasn't been on for days and i don't know the names of any of her alts seeing as they seem to change every once and a while. i've messaged her on here about it, but if i don't get that lifer lynxen for an alt worth about 50 dollars (a lifer lynxen is 49.99, so this was an equal trade), i'd really like an equivalent to that. i've already contacted cironir but they said there isn't anything they can do because they don't approve alt trading, but does anyone know her alts? her username on FAM is '!!!!'

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