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Author Topic: Stolen alt: Shibian. Stolen by: Actual.  (Read 479 times)

Offline FAM

Stolen alt: Shibian. Stolen by: Actual.
«: December 30, 2011, 12:00:33 AM»
Stolen alt: Shibian. Stolen by: Actual.
29 November 2011, 6:44 pm

A while ago on FAM I saw that someone was trading their alt with a lifer foxen, a port space, and a couple other digos. (bat, wings, uhh i forget the rest) I whispered them on the alt they were selling. Their alt was named Shibian. I did a stupid trade and traded for my lifer chinchilla, but i was happy cause i hated chinchillas and loved foxens and bats. As i traded, they gave me the password for the alt and i make the character. I got online the alt, and then i gifted their new alt, Actual, the chinchilla. We were best friends, anyway, so i trusted her. About a week after using the alt Shibian, i saw Actual sometimes.We were friends then. After another week after that, i logged onto Shibian and it said Whoops! Username and password did now match! I thought it was just my old computer, so i changed the password on the ini. file then i went to the furcadia website to change it. It said that the thingy failed because the password was wrong. Then I got worried. I realized on my main Masaya that Actual never came online ever since i saw her last before she stole it. I finally gave up on the incident, but then a couple of weeks ago, a furre named Shibian logged on. I was really frustrated so i started whispering them. Logs:

(17:03:51) Masaya: Actual, im not sure if you want to share the alt or not, but could i please have the password back?

(17:04:05) Shibian: Uhh, what?

(17:04:24) Masaya: It says that the username and password does not match. Can i have my alt back?

(17:05:00) Shibian: Excuse me, I bought this alt from Actual, with a foxen lifer and a portrait on it. It is mine. I do not know what you are talking about.

(17:05:12) Masaya: What?

(17:05:17) Shibian: Sorry, I paid over 50$ for this alt. Goodbye.

(17:05:30) Shibian has logged out.


And that was the last i saw of Shibian. I didnt know if they actually sold the alt or not. I contacted beekins, and they told me to tell Guardians. I told the Guardians my entire story and this is how they helped: they said they cannot support alt trading and that i have no proof. I got really mad so i kept on whispering Actual and Shibian every day.  None of them ever logged on, so i sighed and gave up. A couple of weeks ago, I whispered Actual and a whisper window popped up. I really let it all out at her. She said she never took my alt, sold Shibian, or did anything.  I could tell she was lying, because then she said that 'the beekins will not find me' then logged out. It's been a couple months and they have never ever logged in again.

If you see someone named Actual or Shibian, please whisper Masaya. Thanks.

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