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Author Topic: She -- Contact Information? (RESOLVED)  (Read 393 times)

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She -- Contact Information? (RESOLVED)
«: December 30, 2011, 12:00:34 AM»
She -- Contact Information? (RESOLVED)
29 November 2011, 7:31 pm

Please lock or delete! The problem has been resolved.

I'm looking for contact information for FAM user she.

Please send me a private message or post in this thread.

I posted a thread on 11/15/11 under The Junkyard > Buying section of this forum, stating I was looking to buy Gaia Gold. She sent me a message on 11/16/11, saying she was interested in selling me 2,000,000 Gaia Gold. I offered her $10.00 to $14.00. For $15.00 she was willing to sell me 2,050,000 so she could get rid of it all in one shot. On November 18th, I sent $15.00 to her PayPal email [REDACTED]. She told me she works during the day, but could find some time during her lunch break or after work to send it to me. I gave her my Skype name, e-mail, YouTube account, and Facebook so she could contact me when she came online. She messaged me the night of November 18th telling me she was online, but I was offline at the time. On November 23rd, I sent her a message because she hadn't sent me any gold. I gave her my phone number in that message, asking her to contact me as soon as possible. She read the message, but I received no response. I sent her another message on November 25th, which she also read. On November 26th, I sent her a message asking her to either send the gold by November 28th, or refund my money through PayPal. On November 27th, I changed my mind about wanting the gold because at this rate I feel as though I cannot trust this individual. I then sent her a message asking to refund my $15.00.

She hasn't read the last two messages I've sent (November 26th & November 27th) and I haven't received a refund. I feel as though I was scammed and I am not sure what to do about this situation. All her alts are listed on my  Pounce. I would like for someone to provide contact information outside of FAM and Furcadia so I can get ahold of her.


11.29.2011 Edit: I sent a message to the email she uses for PayPal.

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