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Author Topic: Warning about user Heartache. Pretty sure they took my alt back. [RESOLVED]  (Read 492 times)

Offline FAM

Warning about user Heartache. Pretty sure they took my alt back. [RESOLVED]
10 December 2011, 10:35 pm

December 11th 2011: This has been resolved. Heartache contacted me and returned my alt.

Okay so I know this isn't exactly alt trading but I thought it'd be okay to report this. If not then I apologise.

I agreed to roleplay a puppy for Token and Swallow (currently owned by Heartache on here) sometime in late Sept/early Oct. They had alts all premade and people just had to be given the passwords in order to RP them. I was given the alt Bric to play. They both informed the players that the alts were now theirs. Bric was now mine. Gotta emphasize that point.

Bric was born on Halloween and we RP'd for a bit n all that. I didn't think to change the password because I really had no reason to. DISCLAIMER: I know it's a retarded move not to. I take responsibility for that.

After roughly a month some disagreements went down, I wasn't involved, all I know is that Token and Swallow agreed to no longer RP together.

Everything's normal for a week or two until today. I suddenly can't log into Bric. Token informs me that Swallow had given some sort of angry whisper the night before. I tried contacting Swallow (on their alt Churel) to see what the hell and ask why I couldn't log into Bric, but I got ignored. I say ignored because she didn't have any idle message anywhere.

There's no way it expired, I was active and RPing on it just yesterday. It was verified to my e-mail, as well. Basically the only conclusion I can draw from this is "Swallow took my alt back because of some OOC bullshit."

I'm also aware I essentially can't get Bric back via guardians because I didn't have him for 6+ months, and he didn't have ports or digos on him. Basically I just wanna let FAM know that Heartache is cool with taking other people's things when she's mad.

Edit to add: She also wanted to take back the alt of Bric's brother, Brac. Brac's player told me she demanded the alt's info from them in whisper.

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