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Author Topic: Dreamweaver/Patcher needed  (Read 517 times)

Offline Kera

Dreamweaver/Patcher needed
«: December 30, 2011, 02:51:16 AM»
Posting this for a friend.

A friend of mine and I are wanting to make/start up a new dream. The dream we are currently high-staff members in (Will not release the name to keep down the drama) is just...not working out. The dream owner and second-ranking staff member are inattentive, the owner abuses his staff members, the site never gets updated, and the atmosphere has just...gone to hell. We really love the dream itself, and the members, but we want a place where we don't have to get pushed around and treated like crap.

So...we're looking for someone who can help us create a brand new feral dream! Please contact me if you're willing to help us out. We can't offer much in the way of payment yet, but we're hoping we can find someone to work with us and maybe figure out a long-term payment plan.

Please contact Kerasine in-game, or on FAM for details.