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Author Topic: Non-Remap anthro/human ports 5GD each  (Read 554 times)

Offline Diamante

Non-Remap anthro/human ports 5GD each
«: January 01, 2012, 04:35:57 AM»
No ferians, sowweh. :c

I am accepting GD and anything that is not on this list -
I am NOT accepting any of these:
Alts (Unless it's a super duper awesome name or has ports/portspaces with it)
Expiring digos (No, just, no. Hate them, don't want them.)
Cookies and/or anything stupid like that.

I have moved to a new computer, so I have lost all my examples, but here is one I whipped up real quick. You may NOT use it, claim it as your own or sell/distribute it.

I charge only 5GD for my portraits, whisper me on Diamante on furc for more details or if you would like to commission me, please do NOT post here or PM me on the forums. Thankyou.
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