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Author Topic: In need of: Patcher; Dreamweaver; Portist; Skinner - Jurassic Park Production  (Read 576 times)

Offline Clockwise

Jurassic Park is back and better then ever!

I currently came into possession of the alt Jurassic Park and due to the lack of dinosaur themed RP dreams in Furcadia. I have decided to put together a team of players whom will be going under the name of "InGen" to create and bring back to you the dream after the movie we all love so much. Those whom help design the layout of the dream, patches and ports will be paid as well as be made staff members inside the dream. They will have as much power as the owner.

*Patcher (In charge of making the walkabouts for the dream, as well as the custom patches that will be used to create the dream itself. The patches should resemble the first Jurassic Park movie, as well as Isla Sorna and Nublar (site B). They should be to scale and should not be put up for use anywhere else.)

*Dreamweaver (In charge of making the dream itself, alongside me. Patches will be provided in a separate folder and the dream should follow the first Jurassic Park movie to some extent, though should more closely be based on the second where all the dinosaurs are able to roam freely amongst the island. The dream should be made as if it had a dream package as I do plan to pay to have one put in. We will discuss a price upon agreement. You may have more then one person help you.)

*Portist (I want the ports done separate from the walkabouts. I need them re-mappable and unique. Please do not heavily reference them from images because that's not what I am paying for you. Some referencing is acceptable. I also need a special port designed for both my Jurassic Park (dream bot) and my two characters Medical and Surgery whom I will be playing in the dream.)

*Skinner (Someone to design the custom skin and buttons for the locals once they are made. This is to be done only once the dream is finished and is in it's final stages.)

More will be added, as I plan to replace all the default, and player patches as well as have specific dream package locals inside the dream. I know this seems like a lot, but I am willing to spend the money to have it done and not everything will be done at once
+ Tyrannosaurus
+ Velociraptor
+ Triceratops
+ Stegosaurus
+ Parasaurolophus
+ Gallimimus
+ Brachiosaurus
+ Dilophosaurus    
+ Compsognathus    
+ Pachycephalosaurus    
+ Spinosaurus    
+ Ankylosaurus    
+ Corythosaurus/Carinthasaurus    
+ Ceratosaurus    
+ Mamenchisaurus    
+ Procompsognathus
+ Apatosaurus/Camarasaurus    
+ Maiasaura    
+ Hypsilophodon    
+ Cearadactylus    
+ Carnotaurus    
+ Othnielia    
+ Ornitholestes    
+ Mussaurus    
+ Hadrosaurus    
+ Microceratops/Callovosaurus    
+ Metriacanthosaurus
+ Proceratosaurus    
+ Segisaurus    
+ Herrerasaurus    
+ Suchomimus    
+ Baryonyx    
+ Ultrasaurus
+ Seismosaurus    
+ Coelurosaurus    
+ Camptosaurus
+ Deinonychus
+ Tenontosaurus    
+ Euoplocephalus    
+ Styracosaurus    
+ Troodon

Members of In-Gen
If you would like to become a member or aid in anyway, please contact Jurassic Park for more details.
Payment will be discussed upon what you plan to do

*Jurassic Park (Myself; Supply's funding)