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Author Topic: reviews  (Read 1137 times)

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«: May 17, 2008, 10:00:33 AM»
ok im trying to write testimonials again
if i sound repetitive, do not mind me... i suck at this, tbh

notify me if i forgot your name.

lu's reviews:

ale/kenny: bought a premade canine port last year, i believe, for my ex-alt, demolish. nice person and a very talented artist.

alex/arachnia: commisioned her for a portrait of battle, back when i owned him, and recently a port for my cousin's alt, lancelot (currently shared between me and him). one of my favourite people and artist in game. her premades are awesome, too.

claudie: made a port of erase. forgot one detail but the port still looks awesome.

cletus: another erase port. i looove how it came out. her shading skills make me so happy.

corgay: drew erase. i love that picture. i had to wait for a while but it was worth it.

dane: fast and VERY talented artist. can draw realistic wolves/horses like no one. i haven't seen her around in a while, sadly.

fengo: bought a premade shepherd portrait from her. the deal went smooth.

gas: made a portrait of my feral main, illegal. messed up a bit with the markings, i guess i should have pointed that out. the port looks cool, though, so it's okay.

katie: made the cutest drawing of erase. definetly worth commisioning.

kelli/slayer: godddd i miss seeing her around. her artwork is great and she's got a great personality. made a portrait of illegal once.. used to be one of my favourites before i unloaded most of his ports.

kelly/annihilate: made portraits of demolish and erase. amazing feral artist.. she can draw anthro too. she's also a friend of mine.

kori/snap: her portraits are like eye candy, honestly. too bad she doesn't take commisions often. i was lucky to have her draw erase.

la-la: drew gaze. her style is sooo lovely! she's also a sweetheart.

lauren/cody: made a port of illegal and i was in love with it even though she says she doesn't like how it came out.. lol. i wish i could see more of her art. sighh.

lone: such amazing artwork. a good and cheap realistic feral artist. i love the portrait she made for erase.

mez: made a port of gaze that really shows her scene side. lol. you should check her artwork.

rascal: the portrait they made of erase is mind-blowing, seriously. i also love the one she made for bailiff (friend's alt). rascal is definetly worth commisioning.

skye/hinge: god damn she is GOOD. made a portrait of luiza.. i'm in love with it. a while ago i asked her to do a port of erase, but i guess she doesn't remember about that anymore. too bad.

tina/worm: commisioned her for a picture of gaze. looks really good.

tsu/rat: made a port of demolish, back when i had the alt. her canines are awesome, really.

allison/welt: made portraits for zibah and battle, and pictures of illegal and erase. i like her old style (back when she was xquenya in DA) was more impressive, imo, but i still adore her artwork. she's also really nice and doesn't overcharge like many people i see around.
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Re: reviews
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Re: reviews
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nigga where da fuck have you been

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Re: reviews
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nigga where da fuck have you been

not on furc LOL
add my new msn if ya got it

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Re: reviews
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added a few names