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Author Topic: Viking, two ports + body picture, selling for $15 or 3 portspaces!  (Read 647 times)

Offline Arm Pit

Doesn't have to be a viking. It could be anything. It could be a Roman, or a Greek. It could be a transvestite. It could be a dinosaur. But it looks like a viking to me!

The main portrait (the one with the big picture by Jeeves) is uploaded and on the alt Humanus, which you can have! Or if you want to slap it on another name, I don't care. Just throwing that out there, the port is already uploaded.

I'm ideally looking for $15 bucks PP, or 3 portspaces, or 20GD, but it's not preferable. So you're getting two portraits, one port already uploaded, a sassy name, and a body picture for the price of three/four value meals at Burger King! Sweet deal!

Message me on this, I'll be checking regularly.
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Offline Arm Pit

Lowered the price!