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Author Topic: delete  (Read 665 times)

Offline Bread

«: January 05, 2012, 12:49:57 AM»
Okay, so. A girl i use to be friends with, got into my webs account, deleted all my sites and made a "ihateyou" site, which I deleted, and have gotten back all the other sites and art from the chars. But, there is one I can't get back so I'm asking everyone for help! The Character is Maddi. She's a lion fish anthro, and she has quite a bit of art.. And I just need anyone who has any art of her to link it to me on this topic or whisper me ingame as Maddi or Teo so that I can retrieve them all.

Maddi looks like this so that you know what she looks like and can maybe find pictures of her that you've seen/found. :o


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