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Author Topic: paypal or gd for pokemon ports & frog ports.  (Read 347 times)

Offline kenny.

paypal or gd for pokemon ports & frog ports.
«: January 13, 2012, 04:50:57 PM»

so yes, i'm looking for portraits for my character quilava. i have $55 but i'm not willing to spend $10 on a port. i may spend around 7, 8, but not 10 or above. if you offer me a portrait that costs $10+, you'll get no response.
i only want non-remap. i will not pay for a remap port by no means so unless you'll make me a remap for free, don't bother.

if you think i'm a bitch, you are correct sir!
contact me on: Quilava. whisper or PM is preferred and comments probably won't be seen for a while.

my friend, brandi, is too lazy to put up a thread so she's also looking for ports. don't bother me with offers. bother her.
my friend wants portraits of her characters Frog and Charmander. she has references of frog so goto her with those, and everyone knows what charmander looks like. she's not willing to pay over $10 and she's paying in DRAGONSCALES ONLY.
contact her on furcadia by whispering charmander or frog
non-remap only
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* please buy my alts.