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Author Topic: $3 Lineart or $10 full NON REMAP ports - only 2 slots  (Read 990 times)

Offline Rhonda

$3 Lineart or $10 full NON REMAP ports - only 2 slots
«: February 15, 2012, 10:34:44 PM»
Hi, so I like doing this lineart business. I hate shading and whatnot. You finish or someone else finishes them. But my little R in the corner should not be removed.
They are only $3.

NOTE: These are only examples and you are not to use them in any way. Some are made for dreams and others are commissioned. They are not free.

I could also do full ports, non remap only.
But I hate doing these, and take me forever.
These are $10.


Couple ports: $20!

Lineart commissions are much funner. I would prefer those but if you must commission me for a full one then... you'll probably be waiting 2 weeks up to a month or not even one at all.
I favor paypal over gd but I will accept gd..

I will only be doing 2 at a time so be quick.

1. taken
2. taken

ATTENTION: I will ask you to pay me when you see the sketch (if it is a sketch/lineart you're wanting then it will be watermarked) because I've been ripped off and I let it slide... not anymore. Pay up you little sneaks.

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Offline Allota

Re: $3 Lineart or $10 full ports - only 2 slots
«Reply #1: April 23, 2012, 01:56:58 AM»
Your lines are sexy! I want some :D

Offline Rhonda

Re: $3 Lineart or $10 full NON REMAP ports - only 2 slots - open
«Reply #2: July 24, 2012, 01:02:32 PM»