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Author Topic: lookin for art for my fair fellow  (Read 336 times)


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lookin for art for my fair fellow
«: February 15, 2012, 11:09:33 PM»
Hi, I'm Mike, and I pay in paypal.
I am honestly fed up with waiting for an artist to finish up with their work. It irritates the living hell out of me, I'm done with waiting, and to be known they havent even started. I mean come on it's been five months and you don't have work done, forget it.

So, here's what I'm gonna do. A name-your-price tool, just like progressive has. You show me examples, if I like it I commission you for a reasonable price, if I can pay what you want me to pay you.

What I'm looking for is a colored character(no shading requires but it would be liked) full body. Here is his description:
A man clad in an iron armor stands before you.He's a decent height of 6"4. The iron armor is lined with a Novix Secrate veining to keep the strength bound together, noticable by it's neon glow.His beard seems strange for a man of his caliber, considering he makes weapons. He wears a pair of one red and one blue lensed goggles on his forehead at all times. His dark hair is cut short and shaggy. Along his back were several strange weapons you had not seen before: you wonder how he can carry such massive weight. He has a criminal past, but tries to be a changed person. In battle he is eager and courageous, but is a big softie.

He has a scar on his left cheek. I want him to be wearing a lightweight armor outlined in glowing blue. His eyes are green and he is human. He weighs approximately 210 pounds and is carrying one of these:
He has a focused look on his face. His hair is a shade of black. Pose doesn't matter, but I request that he face towards the person looking at him.
If you have information and details and are willing to do the commission, contact Artifact or Michael Summerberry, or email [email protected] (i don't have a dA, I don't art) but do NOT pm me or post on this thread.
I don't want to spend TOO much money, so make it cheap.