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Author Topic: Seeking Artist  (Read 447 times)

Offline Flooki

Seeking Artist
«: February 18, 2012, 05:53:13 AM»
Upon getting into contact with me I will describe Flooki to you. Since she doesn't have any anthro art, I will provide you with her colors, and how I want her to look upon agreeing to commission you.

I'm seeking someone to do an anthro reference for me in a slightly chibi-styled way. I'm not looking for anything supreme since Flooki is more on the softer side. I wouldn't mind having more feral art of her either. You would be drawing Flooki's front and backside, with no clothing. This will be her first reference picture of her anthropomorphic self.

I'm not looking to pay a lot of money for a reference. I'm not asking for a typical detailed reference, I'm more interested in the chibi-styled, almost those paper doll ish things I see people with sometimes. They're typically used for designs people are trying to sell or something. I don't know how to describe them.

Contact Me
Flooki Please don't pm me here, I won't see it.

When Contacting
I want the following
- links to your deviantart or other sites with your artwork on it. I want examples.
- prices. list them for me, or link me to them. I'm not chasing them down.
- payment will come after I see the sketch and no sooner.
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