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Author Topic: Dark--Faustian Ports OPEN  (Read 843 times)

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Dark--Faustian Ports OPEN
«: February 25, 2012, 05:36:16 AM»
Hi everyone! New to the site, thought' I'd pop in and offer some services :)

Soooooo... let's do this!

PayPal only please, I don't accept any other types of currency!

$8 non-remap portraits
$5 sketches


1. Send me the following: (you can copy from here down, fill in the sections and email it to me)

Character name: Insert your awesome character name here!

Character description: What animal/influence you would like. Any clothing, major distinguishing features or props. anthro, feral, etc (if you dont specify ill just make a sweet image for you) please link any reference you might have here as well.

Portrait Pose: Please specify bust/half body/full body and any major themes like " Back turned and glaring." or " Hopping between rocks floating in lava."

Portrait Mood: Awesome(this is the default)+ sexy, funny, lighthearted, dark/ominous, relaxed.

Background: if you don't specify ill pick a sweet color for you.

2. I'll confirm your slot and send a sketch soon after for review.

3. Review sketch. If you like it, awesome! Send the payment to my paypal account.

4. Payment Recieved! I'll finish the commission and send it within the day(time allowing)

5. It's done! WOO! congratulations on your new port!

if you'd like to commission a port please email me at:
[email protected]

I'll be posting all my work here as it's made:

This is my work. Don't steal it. Don't claim it as your own.
after purchasing you have permission to edit, share, and re-sell.

Should you decide to cancel your order, let me know asap. It's okay, I will not be angry! I understand that money can be tight at times, or you may not like the direction i'm going, just let me know ASAP. Preferably during the sketch revision before payment to avoid unnecessary complications.

If you decide you want to cancel after you've paid for it, please keep in mind that I do spend my time making these and you're welcome to trade/sell it to someone else. If this does not suffice, please email me and let me know what's up and we'll work something out. No charity cases, no begging, no trades. This is a job, please keep it professional.

I reserve the right to deny service to anyone or any idea I do not wish to work on, for, or with.
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email me about commisions!
[email protected] :D


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Re: Dark--Faustian Ports OPEN
«Reply #1: February 26, 2012, 01:48:47 PM»
:D <3
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Re: Dark--Faustian Ports OPEN
«Reply #2: March 26, 2012, 11:52:22 AM»
email me about commisions!
[email protected] :D