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Author Topic: [18+] The Paw Pad V1.0  (Read 635 times)


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[18+] The Paw Pad V1.0
«: February 25, 2012, 01:47:48 PM»
furc://thepawpad - quick link to check out the dream!

The Paw Pad is a social/RP dream, casual in nature, and is currently in development of becoming harder, better, faster, stronger.

As of right now we offer the amenities the updated map will feature: Plenty of lounging, a full bar, massage parlor with pool and sauna, Auction block, Private rooms, and even a toker's haven (formerly its own dream) called The Joint.

The update is going to revamp the layout of the dream, creature more of a continuity, and ultimately allow for events and actual development based within the dream. But in order for this to happen we need friendly patrons and people interested in helping out!

IC Hiring:

OOC Help Needed:
-Sitters (Help keep the dream up)
-More to come.

(If interested in any of these, please whisper cannabiscuit for more information. )

Most levels of RP are accepted, so long as you are 18+ OOC! We also allow socializing in any and all portions of the dream; wherever you feel comfortable, just make yourself at home. (however first come first serve, so no RPing and socializing in the same areas!)

PLEASE NOTE: This IS a furry-based dream (a sanctuary, if you will), and human characters are NOT welcome. I may make rare exceptions, but considering the name and atmosphere, furry characters are HIGHLY preferred.