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Author Topic: Seeking Adequate Human Artist Willing to Work for Cheap or (better) Free.  (Read 480 times)

Offline Hiss And Tell

I could also pay in friendship! ;)

Looking for a port and avatar artist whose specialty is humans.

I am trying to create a Buffy The Vampire Slayer dream, and as I know it has been attempted in the past unsuccessfully, I am really hoping to get some good artwork and such in it.
(But I don't have much money to spare.)

If you're interested, please whisper me on my alt Hiss|And|Tell, with nice examples of your art.

You can also whisper me if you're a fan of Buffy, or if you just wanna chat! I'm very friendly, and unlike a vampire, I don't bite!


Offline Hiss And Tell

Other details about me:
I am  NOT  a Twilight fan, and I am not going to request you make the avatars and ports /*sparkle*/.

You would get a full shout-out in the entrance emit, and also be included in the credits.
(If I am super impressed, I will probably also mention you in my desc)

I could refer paying players/customers to you, as I am good at talking people up when they deserve recognition.

I will in no way cheat you, or claim your artwork as my own.

Think of it as free/super cheap advertising. ;)

Any other comments, questions, or concerns that you may have can be addressed if you whisper me.