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Author Topic: Looking for a antrho reference sheet that's not effin terrible like mine is.  (Read 658 times)

Offline JP

So I have the art skills of a duck, I can't color, and the only pictures I can take are via my phone. ): So I would really like someone to make me a nice professional looking reference sheet. I got a friend who is going to help me clean up my ref sheet~!! She's a very good artist and I trust her a lot with my charaters so I'm going to allow her to do that (even though she'll take forever omg)

THOUGH I DO STILL WOULD LIKE SOME ARTS!!! Just simple character art though, no ref sheets.

My character is this one- Jean-Paul

 I drew myself;

http://i43.tinypic.com/262pmj7.jpg (It is large, and your eyes might burn from looking at the horribleness)

There are notes but my writing is also terrible. The breed is a Western Quoll.

I'm fairly open to price, I don't want to pay a lot because I really don't want anything too complicated. I just want simple flat colours.

Thank you for looking :)
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Easiest way to reach me? Whisper Jean-Paul, Surfer, or Stephen Merchant in game.


Offline Devildove


I would be happy to do a reference sheet for you for $12, with front, back, and feral views and flat colors. Please have a look at my DA: http://www.devildove.deviantart.com

Your character is really cute and I don't think your drawing is bad at all, by the way :P



most recent example. I usually do $10 per pose and then throw on text and such for free if requested, because i like typing. ;D

i take paypal or gd.

Offline Paxil

I'm not horrid but I'm not amazing either. Examples can be seen in my gallery or here http://www.forgottencobweb.com

Offline Cauldwell

http://shadowskiss.deviantart.com/ I've got a pretty good deal going on right now too~

Offline JP

Changed some stuff around, no longer need a ref sheet but still looking for some arts. Also ports, I have a ports thread but it's barely had any views.

Easiest way to reach me? Whisper Jean-Paul, Surfer, or Stephen Merchant in game.

Offline keiroko

I do ports for 10$ remap and 20$ for non remap.


^_^ whisper me in game on keiroko if interested
**I am always open for commission just contact me** **In my forum posts that is not saying paypal is more..it is saying ..for example 1$-3$ GD or Paypal and I typed it oddly.. Forgive any miscommunications**

Offline Sapphirus

I do Different types of Ports, 12$ each: http://tinyurl.com/2xfc6k/
 Premades for port examples too http://tinyurl.com/2y7tnp
Flat colors : 15$ each: http://tinyurl.com/4x7zau