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Author Topic: Madam's Reviews  (Read 1234 times)

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Madam's Reviews
«: March 02, 2012, 11:35:04 PM»
My Commission Thread -> [Click Here]

These are reviews of client's that have commissioned me-- and things didn't end up /their/ way!

1. Tinct of Furcadia
  • Situation: Client whispered on the 21st of February to make an order.  Everything seemed cool. Between 22nd and 23rd they got TWO sketches out of me for a possible portrait, because they were not sure what pose they wanted. They paid their 20GD. At the time I told them I had a FULL commission list, and it would take about a week to get to them. They continued to whisper me 'reminders'. I had a some IRL issues happen, which I told them about. March 2nd they whisper me saying they're thinking of asking for a refund. I just went right ahead and refunded their money. 20 Gold Dragon Scales. Clearly I wasn't 'a quick enough artist', and I didn't want the commission anymore. Later that night on March 2nd I look on my tumbr blog to see Tinct has been spreading messages all over it. 

  • Above also seen here: http://redmadam.cbox.ws/
  • And here you can see the proof of refund.
  • Conclusion: Lol, wow someone was really butt hurt.  Immature commissioner, not recommended  you take their requests.

March 3rd 2012, around 02:00 FST
UPDATE: Placed Tinct on silent rule after a nasty whisper from them. They proceeded to whispered me on Red Paw to try 'continue' the argument. I placed that alt on ignore as well, and informed of violating my silence rule. Careful around this one guys.

March 3rd 2012, around 03:08 FST
UPDATE:Turns out people have identified Red Paw as Zephriam/Jassica of furcadia.  You can read the thread here!. Tinct is Zephriam. Watch your backs :(
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Re: Madam's Reviews
«Reply #1: March 07, 2012, 08:29:47 PM»
I have to say it here as the CBox isn't large enough to cope with it.

I had won a remappable portrait from Madam during a dream raffle, and not only was she very polite throughout the entire thing, I recieved good service, and everything she had told me she would do.

Tinct, from personal experience to myself, is not the greatest commissioner, and not professional in the least.  I highly recommend Madam <3
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