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Author Topic: Dress up coder  (Read 659 times)

Offline Lobsel Vith

Dress up coder
«: March 04, 2012, 10:45:23 PM»
Looking for someone who can work with flash to make me a doll dress up like
http://xsheepi.deviantart.com/art/Ocean-Fashion-Dress-Up-252663082 <---this
All you'll need to do is code it. I will do the art for the clothing and the doll itself.
I just can't do code. Willing to talk about payment. The doll will be in PDS format as I'm drawing all of the clothing in Sai. The example dress up has the basic idea of what I need.
I won't need music or sound effect. Nothing fancy like that.

Whisper Lobsel Vith in game.

The doll is not 100% done. It's been halted till I find a coder.
I'd hate to finish it and never find a coder.
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