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Author Topic: Selling Designs - 1GD!!! - Custom Lineart - 2GD!! - Ferals  (Read 371 times)

Offline Mauston

If you need to contact me In-Game,
Whisper: Mauston, or Falyne.

These will all be ferals.
This only means, walking on four legs.
I will add accessories, special traits, quirks etc.
All examples are at the bottom of the post.

Character Designs
  • 1GD
  • Will use a free base/lineart. I have a couple i prefer, but if you have one you want me to use, just give me a link.
  • These designs can be very complex, or simple. Please specify the kind you want.
  • I can come up with colors, or you can give me a few to use.
  • Very fast, the simple ones take maybe 10-20 minutes.
  • Include whether you want the colors natural or unnatural.
  • I MAY or MAY NOT add a bit of shading.

Custom Lineart
  • 2GD
  • I offer both pixel and smooth lineart
  • If there are any special traits that i should incorporate, (long claws, whip-tail etc.) let me know.
  • These wont be colored, but you can throw in the extra 1GD for the design, if you do want it colored.

  • 1GD
  • Custom red-line sketches
  • These are more rough and undefined.

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Offline Mauston

Re: Selling Designs - 1GD!!! - Custom Lineart - 2GD!! - Ferals
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Design added.