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Author Topic: [Looking for] Quality Reference Sheet (Special Request) Paying W/ Paypal  (Read 452 times)

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I'm looking for a quality reference sheet for my character Dominick.  It's going to be a special request that may (or may not) challenge the artist.

I am willing to offer up to $35 dollars for a flat color reference sheet.  I wish for it to include a front and back view of full character, and a front head-shot and profile head-shot.  It doesn't have to have ultra detail, but I am looking for a smooth, clean style. 

The Subject:

The subject you will be drawing is of human race.  He will wear armor, so a mild amount of detail will be required for the armor, and carry one weapon.  Here comes the catch-- He's undead.  Not the gratuitous gory shambling type of zombie, in fact there will be no gore whatsoever.  I can give more in-depth detail through PM's.

Payments and Preferences:

I will send up-front payment only if you have a very good trading rating, otherwise I would prefer to send payment after a preliminary sketch.

Im going to try to work with the artist on this piece, so if you don't like making edits (there won't be many requests, I promise), don't apply. 

Again, Im looking for a clean, smooth style, and quality artistic skill.  So if I decline you, please don't take offense! <3


"Space" or "Dominick" on Furcadia
or PM me!  I very rarely check threads! 


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