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Author Topic: Cheap! (2 GD!)  (Read 334 times)

Offline luculence

Cheap! (2 GD!)
«: March 12, 2012, 03:13:37 AM»
While trying to practice my arting skills and raise some Furc monies, I am offering super cheap art!

Rules and Guidelines:

  • I might be really slow at arting. It usually takes me a few hours at the LEAST to do a simple piece. Sometimes, I lose interest or have trouble. Please, be reasonably patient.
  • Prices will be as follows (with some tweaks for certain things): 1 GD for a sketch or simple colored headshot. 2 GD for a simple couple headshot, a  full body simple color, or a detailed headshot (shadows, highlights and the like). 3 GD for a full body couple (with or without shading). 4 GD + for reference sheet work (will vary depending on amount of detail and info included).
  • I will also accept port spaces or art, and will give discounts if you would like a bundle of work, or a work with numerous characters
  • I will give a watermarked version to make sure everything is to your approval before payment is due.
  • Please, do not get upset with me if I feel no inspiration for your character, or I find it too difficult for my current level of drawing.
  • I have a reserved right to display your art. If you do not like it, please just ask nicely and I would be happy not to.

(More will be added as they are completed)

  • Level of art (From those listed above. Headshot, couple, etc.):
  • Character Description:
  • Reference(s) (Not needed, but helpful!):
  • Pose idea(s):
  • Background?:
  • Shadowing?:
  • Text?:
  • Anything extra?:
  • Best way to contact:

The best way to get ahold of me would be to whisper Luculence on Furc, or leave me a PM[/list][/list]