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Author Topic: Website Coder  (Read 685 times)

Offline Cauldwell

Website Coder
«: March 15, 2012, 03:23:34 AM»
So, I've got a mock website made up in PS. not the best but very, very close to how I want it. all I need is for someone to cut it up and code it for me after making any adjustments they need.
The images used are a must, as is the color scheme and general arrangment of everything, but I would allow some tweaking, such as resizing of certain cells, headers being a different color, ect. As long as it makes it look better. I would REALLY like it to be I-frame if at all possible since, for me, they're super easy to edit. If it can be an i-frame, then I would also like to embed a small music player somewhere in the main frame with a simple start/stop button. I know how to edit HTML very well, I just have no idea how to put it all together and actually make something of it.
I will provide the .PSD file so you can work with everything you need to, as well as any non-default fonts I've used.

I don't have anything to pay with right now besides 4 GD, but I was hoping someone might do it for free since I'm providing almost everything to work with.

please let me know if you're interested and we can discuss details further.