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Author Topic: Fractal Background commissions!  (Read 709 times)

Offline Slendy

Fractal Background commissions!
«: March 19, 2012, 12:41:49 AM»
First of all I would like to thank each and every person that views this post, be it to read it, look at the artwork in curiosity, or even to commission me for a piece, and I would like you to know that I task myself with making each piece as unique as the last and just as beautiful, so please, enjoy!


X  X

(Hi Res)
X  X  X
These images are watermarked and resized for a reason


I honestly don't require a lot. If you are interested in commissioning me, send me a PM or reply to this post on FAZ, a Note on DA, or even a whisper on furcadia (Izekial) With your information and I will get started as soon as possible.

I require:

A method of contacting you, either FAZ, DA, or Furc.
The size of the image you wish to purchase.
A list of four to five colors. (the backgrounds are default black)
A time period in which I can contact you, ie, when you'll be online.


This is how long the image will take. Why do you ask I post such a thing? For one, creating this type of artwork is nothing like drawing. To boil it down, it takes a lot of knowledge of the program, code, algorithms, numbers, and a lot of other stuff I honestly don't have words for, I don't bother with memorizing it, I just make the art!

Also note, it takes me around ten if not twenty minutes to create the image itself, the rest is just rendering. What's rendering you ask? It's another word for saving.

 2-2 and a half hours.

3 hours to 4 hours.
These images are of Hi Resolution Quality, and fit most widescreen monitors (20in+)


I would like to note that I don't expect the money up front. I will show you a preview of the images, if you want the colors changed or perhaps a different variation of the image, I'll be more than glad to change it. But after the preview is given I give you two options. Agree that it is to your liking and pay me in full, or pay me in half. I will not send a finished image to you without being paid. You know, because that's how people steal.

Here is the slots that will be open until they are filled. Please, be patient with me, and if there are no slots left, when all images are finished, I will create a new list!

ALSO, if you are an artist and don't wish to pay in GD, I also take art trades!
Ports are also accepted.

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Offline Vala

Re: Fractal Comissions, Behold the beauty of a unique art style!
«Reply #1: March 19, 2012, 11:04:14 AM»
<33 I loved mine! <33

You won't regret getting one! :D

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Re: Fractal Comissions, Behold the beauty of a unique art style!
«Reply #2: March 19, 2012, 11:38:09 AM»
These works are stunning. I absolutely adore mine, and they'd make perfect website backgrounds and such like.
Well worth it!