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Author Topic: Ringtail's Art Contest! is Over! Result Here One Day Early!  (Read 3322 times)

Offline Nurr

This contest is OVER. The results are below!!

This was a really hard decision to make. I received quite a number of pieces and a lot of them came in last minute! This was very shocking and made judging extremely hard. I made my decision early on, then over the week changed it just a few times after thought. I choose the ones that I liked best and that fit the descriptions :) You guys all did a terrific job and in fact we don't have 4 winners, we actually have 6 because it was too hard to let some of these go!

First Place Winner is: Meenks!

  Entry Piece

Congrats to Meenks for placing first! She will be awarded 50 GDS or 50 PP plus her first pick of lifers! I will be e-mailing you shortly :)

Second Place Winner is: Majas

Entry Piece

Third Place Winner is: Collie

Entry Piece

Fourth Place Winner is: Kiwie

  Entry Piece

Fifth Place Winner is: Romantikk

Entry Piece +1 portrait space

Sixth Place Winner is:Pee

Entry Piece +1 portrait space

Please contact me via PM here or via e-mail to get a hold of me. First place will pick first, so you may have to wait! After two days I will contact the winners who are holding up the prize line :P


[color="red"]First Place: Either Orchimodo, Ferian Dragon, or Flutterphin plus two of their choice of the remaining ferians, as well as 50.00 paypal or 50GDS[/color]

Second Place: One of the two left over high bracket plus one ferian of their choice and 25 GDS or 25.00 paypal

Third Place: The last of the high bracket lifers plus one ferian. No cash reward for this place.

Fourth place: The last left over ferian plus one portrait space (since they don't get to choose :S)[/b]

Thanks so much to everyone who participate! This was awesome, and I hope to do another one again in the future!
Lifers Available

High Bracket Lifers:

-Ferian Dragon

Ferian Lifers:

-Ferain Catten
-Ferian Lynxen
-Ferian Poneigh
-Ferian Tygard
-Ferian Squeeken

Where to Submit Art!

First if you are interested in participating you can do one of three things: Either message me here (best option) OR whisper Ringtail in furcadia. You can also post below that you are interested in entering and who you are thinking of working on!

You must first tell me you are thinking of entering. I will put your name to the rooster below. When you submit you will have the option of making your art anon or linked for public preview!

You may submit your art the same way though I would like it ultimately e-mailed to [email protected]

If links are broken or double posted please let me know!

I am very dedicated to this contest but please bare in mind I'm an EMT. I work Monday-Friday from 9am-9pm and sometimes get off early (usually the case) and sometimes get overtime. I will be as avid about posting and updating this thread as possible. Thank you for looking and I hope to see many styles, flavors, spices of your art!!! I am very excited and can't wait to see what you have to offer! Thanks!


1. Collie x,x,x
2. Romantiik x
3. Skewri x,x,x,x
4. Rhonda x
5. Skunky x,x, x, x, x
6. Majas x
7.Habitat x
8. Aerouant Mist x , x , x , x
9. Yolana x x,x,x
10. Serpent x, x
11. Pee x,x,x,x
12. Whitty x , x
13. Kiwie x,x
14. atropa x, x
15. Volume x, x
16. Meenks x
17. Para x

Stuff I was going to delete but am leaving just so no one can say it wasn't said here:

This contest will run from 03/26/2012 to 05/26/2012 @ 11:59 PM PST. I will not be accepting any art piece after this deadline. This gives you roughly two months to submit a piece.
I'm an artist myself, and I feel that is more than a fair amount of time to do any one piece in.

Bare in mind that these pieces you do for me will be used as follows:

- They may be used on my website as bio pictures of my characters and/or put under gift art
- I will not claim my art as my own and will credit you
- I will use the art as I see fit. I have the right to edit the art lightly but not make dramatic changes without
- I can use the art as my main reference sheet if I so choose.
-You may put a signature on the piece. Please put it in the top or bottom left or right corners. Just one signature please, and I will not edit that signature.
-This contest will not be canceled due to lack of participants. If there are only two participants, then they claim the first and second prize with their art
judged against each others.
-This art will belong to me and will not be resold without permission.
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Offline Mannequin


Offline Sylvirr

I'll gladly enter. =3

Offline Degu

I'll enter!

Offline Xenon


Offline Skewri

Totally in for it!

Offline Romantiik

Definitely entering.

Offline Nurr

Totally in for it!


Definitely entering.

Got it! Really excited about this turn out! Good luck everyone! I will post an X next to every entry regardless of whether the person wants the art anon or not. I will ask everyone of course before I link their art next to their name. For every entry there will be one "x" thank you!

Offline Rhonda

I'll enter. (:

Offline Skunky

I'm going to enter too! n_n

Offline Nurr

The roster has been updated :)

Offline Inkling

Yep, you've worked me up! Here I go, I'd like to enter! <3

Offline Nurr

List has been updated yet again :)

Offline Jav

I'd like to enter. :)

Offline Nurr

New contestants have been added and new art :)

Offline Nurr

I'd like to enter. :)

You have been added :)

Offline Aerouant Mist


Offline Kayley

Is Seadog of any specific breed? Awesome character. Count me in. :)

Offline Kittypai

Joining ~

Offline Nurr

Is Seadog of any specific breed? Awesome character. Count me in. :)

He was once a german shepherd mix :) Go for the body of a decayed (so skinnier) German Shepherd when you're thinking about how the seaweed clings!

List has been updated :D

Offline Nurr

This is a reminder that the contest will end in a little more than a month. If the art is not recieved by the deadline you can not hope to win anything at all! I hope to see more art from my contestants soon :)

Offline Yolana

I emailed my 2 entries some time ago now, did you get them? :O

Offline Nurr

This is the updated roster. If you are not on the list and you want to be, please PM me. I have been super busy at work latley! The contest ends soon, so get your entries in!!

Offline Belgium

Hi, I would like to enter!

Offline Kayla

I'm entering!