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Author Topic: Sime's $5 ports [open]  (Read 4946 times)

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Sime's $5 ports [open]
«: March 30, 2012, 01:45:45 PM»

Digital non-remap ports
$5 paypal
Will also currently accept 1 port space
Please add paypal fees if possible!
I use my mother's paypal address, so please don't email it!
If you're in the UK too, feel free to send £3 GBP rather than $5 USD

To contact, please note one of these accounts:
DeviantART, Furaffinity
OR if not possible, email starkedout[at]gmail.com

Details & Rough TOS:
  • Please expect me to be friendly, courteous and helpful
  • My preference is to work off clear reference art, but I don't mind working off clear descriptions.
  • I also prefer ideas of what you want eg. expression/mood/character personality & environment but I can definitely do it without!
  • I CAN draw humans, but I'm not great at them, and in general I would suggest looking elsewhere for a human artist.
  • You may cancel the commission for any reason and receive a full refund prior to any work past the sketch; after which you will be given a partial refund depending on how much work has already been completed.

I CAN DO NON-PORT THINGS TOO, eg. refs or general art. Contact me over that if you're interested!
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Re: Sime's ports for 5 dorra / 6 GD [open]
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you do not need to bump while you're still on the first page.

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Re: Sime's ports for 5 dorra / 6 GD [open]
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second warning.
you do not need to bump on the first page.

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Re: Sime's ports for 5 dorra / 6 GD [open]
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