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Author Topic: Arro's custom websites! On sale now.  (Read 597 times)

Offline Arro.

Arro's custom websites! On sale now.
«: March 31, 2012, 01:44:18 PM»
Hello, and welcome to my forum page of website-sale-ness.
I am your host Arro and I am here to make your creative dreams come true.

Over the years I've created websites, and have taught myself plenty of code to be able to do so. Although, I have recently returned to Furcadia after about a 9 month hiatus, I really want to get back into what I enjoy doing.

So, without further adieu, I'm opening my website commissions back to the public and am only going to be charging 50SD for the time being. Yes, for only 50SD you can have a website like these examples below:

Are you as completely broke as me? Don't have 50SD on your at the moment? You happen to have a very fine art skill? Don't fret! I'm looking for artists to draw character and portrait art of Arro. So, if you have this skill and want a site, feel free to message me as well - my contacts are as follows:

To get in contact with me, you can whisper me under my main Arro, or Icecube. You can also PM my account on here, or you can also post in this thread, I will check it every day.

Time period:
Each website (depending on complexity) can take anywhere from a day to a week to complete. I like to take a lot of pride and character into my sites. I also frequently check in with the person wanting the site to make sure everything is to their liking.

Please keep in mind that I have a job, and other real life obligations that will always come before Furcadia.

With everything being said, my commissions are now freely open and I'm taking 3 people at a time to not overload myself, or cause any problems.
1. Tarra (waiting on art and stuff)

To make things easier, I've compiled a small form to make it more simple for you and for me in the long run.

Who the site is for:
Any specific colors you want on the site:
How many pages:
Any specific art you want on the pages:
The labels for the pages(ie; about):
Do you want big font, or small font:
Do you want a header, if so what do you want it to say:

Let's say a month down the line comes and you want to add a bit more to your site. If so, you can freely contact me and I'll do the edits for FREE, yes I will re-edit the site for FREE.
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