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Author Topic: Bree Draws Things  (Read 323 times)

Offline Bree

Bree Draws Things
«: April 03, 2012, 11:20:46 PM»
my dA - copy-pasted from journal

okay so i'm kind of new to this whole commissions business, so pardon me if i'm a tard.

Alright, so I'm offering drawings- sketches, references, whatever- for dragon scales in Furcadia (and only dragon scales, sorry; I don't have a PayPal).  I'm willing to draw almost anything (within reason, just ask me first) from ferals to anthros to people.  References are nice, but I can work with a detailed description if you don't have one already.  Just be patient with me if that's the case. >:

Also, until I have more things uploaded, feel free to ask me for drawings of those other things.  I have them, but I don't really want to upload them to this gallery because reasons.

Full-Body Sketch: 5 GD
Doodle: 1-3 GD, depending on detail
Bust: 1 GD

I can also do digital stuff (outlines, colours, etc).

Full-Body w/ Colour:  5-10 GD, depending on detail
Full Body w/o Colour: ~6 GD
Doodle w/ Colour:  2-3 GD
Doodle w/o Colour: 2 GD
Bust w/ Colour: 2 GD
Bust w/o Colour: 1 GD

Eventually, I'll probably try to offer portraits, as well.  But it's been a while since I last did ports, so for the moment at least, I'm not really doing those, sorry.

I'm not entirely sure when I'd like payment, but that can be negotiated.  I'm pretty flexible.  Prices can be discussed.  A lot of it really depends on how detailed your character is, for instance, or if you want shading and everything else.  In truth, digital stuff is a lot more time-consuming than regular sketches, so I sort of wanted the prices to reflect that extra effort I put into it.  Also, I can add additional people for whatever reason for just a little bit more GD, probably about one or two more (maybe per person?).  I can try my hand at backgrounds, too, but I can't say that I'm terribly good at them.  I'll do my best, though, no matter what you ask for!

I might accept digos of roughly equal value, if you'd prefer to pay that way, but don't expect me to accept it every time. >:  I only have so many characters, and I don't really want digos for all of them.

Also, I tend to have a bit of a busy schedule, but I'll try to get orders done in a timely manner.  Naturally, it will be a lot faster if it's just a sketch; depending on the amount of detail, it will probably be done within the day.  However, if I feel I've taken an unreasonably long time with all things considered, I'd be willing to give a discount- again, probably only something to worry about if you want a digital piece with full colour.

So um!  Please message me if you have any questions or comments or anything.  I'd be more than happy to discuss anything with you.

Thank you!