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Author Topic: Human Artist - COMMISSIONS OPEN (£2-£5)  (Read 337 times)

Offline orewakei

Human Artist - COMMISSIONS OPEN (£2-£5)
«: April 09, 2012, 02:02:15 PM»

- All prices are listed in GBP (British Pounds)
- Please be clear about what you want. Send me referance images (at least 500px wide please)
- NEVER remove my signature from a commission
- I can only accept payments made with Paypal (I can't accept GD or Digos)
- After I receive half payment I will start on your commission
- I will request the rest of the payment once the commission is done
- I will only post the commission once all payment is received
- size of traditional commissions may vary but will be no bigger than A4 and no smaller than A5
- I have the right to decline a commission if I feel I won't be able to complete it to a high enough standard for you.
- I have the right to use your commission to promote my services. It will ONLY be used as an example of my work if it is used.

What I'm offering:


Pen and Watercolour drawings
£3 for every extra person

Digital Drawings
+ £2 for every extra person

Digital chibis 
£1 for every extra person

POSTAGE/SHIPPING: (traditional images ONLY)
I post/ship to anywhere.
For traditional images I will require you to pay the postage/shipping fees. These may vary depending on where you live.

I will draw:
▶ OCs (Original Characters)
▶ JRockers
▶ yourself or a friend
▶ Humans with horns/animal ears/tails

I will not draw:
▶ Furries or Anthros
▶ Ferals
▶ Mecha or Robots
▶ NC-17
▶ Anything Naruto related
▶ Anything with complicated designs

(For anthros/furries/ferals I suggest you contact my good friend ~Kedavre)

Please whisper Tarquin on furc, email me at [email protected] or leave me a note on DA if you're interested.
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