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Author Topic: .:LF:. Lycan/Human Artist  (Read 312 times)

Offline Ms. Mercy

.:LF:. Lycan/Human Artist
«: April 14, 2012, 11:17:01 AM»
Hey guys. Let's keep it simple:

You want my monies.Give me your arts D:<

Anyfway I need an artist who can do what the title says; werewolf and human. This is not a reference sheet. Instead, I'd like it to be detailed with my character's werewolf version semi-realistic.

I don't need a background but am willing to accept a background such as a forest or a laboratory. All depends on what the artist thinks.

Please PM me :: NO REPLIES TO THIS THREAD UNLESS YOU HAVE QUESTIONS :: with your contact information, prices and gallery.

I can pay with paypal and GD -- nothing else.

Need a reference? This is made by Madi Swain (http://madiswain.deviantart.com/) So, don't try to steal her work thanks. I will give you the original size when I've chosen you :)

Thanks guys~*
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