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Author Topic: Clurr and Nuez's Joint Port Contest~! Win Life Flox, Gryffe, or 50 GD!  (Read 732 times)

Offline Clefairy

Welcome, one and all, to Clurr and Nuez's Joint Port Contest!
This is my first real contest in forever, so please, if I need them, feel free to give me some pointers on what to do. :3

Now, let's get down to business (to defeat the huns, even).

I've been wanting a quality joint port for Clurr and Nuez for some time. I love the one we currently have but it's time for some updating. :D


 -- Pixel OR smooth nonremap port.

 -- Must have scenery background -- be creative; don't just do the cliche' sunset or forest.
 -- Must be correct species. Clurr is a unique species of her own, so try not to just classify her as a wolf-thing. She is a WOLF-LEMUR mix and I would like it to be represented as such.
 -- Make note of the colors of Nuez's face and back. They are two different shades of purple - the front of his face is a darker, bolder purple than the faded, pastel purple on the rest of his body.

 -- Have fun! I don't want to be one of those extremely picky contest holders who ruins everyone's fun. The point of this contest is to bring in people from all over to collectively have fun drawing a character other than their own. So have at it!


Clurr's references;

She's black and white, not purple and.. yeah.

Not colored but it gives you the anatomy needed!

Nuez's reference;


Clurr is an outgoing but clumsy creature. She is constantly tripping over herself due to her odd anatomy, but remains cheerful and upbeat no matter what adversity comes her way. She's extremely goofy and sometimes a bit flirty without realizing it.

Nuez is shy but kind. Preferring to stay away from the crowds (unlike Clurr), he prefers to remain close to just those he knows well. He protects and loves those he is close to with all his heart and soul. (And he couldn't hurt a fly...)


The deadline for the contest will be May 22nd IF and ONLY IF I receive more than 5 entries for this contest. If I do not receive 5 entries, the deadline will be pulled closer to this date (the 16th of April) or be cancelled completely.... So tell your friends!

ALL ART WILL BE KEPT BY ME WHETHER YOU WIN OR NOT, EVEN IF THE CONTEST IS CANCELED. Sorry for any inconvenience this might entail.
thankyousomuchforreading . <33


1. Dylen
2. Isaaq   - received
3. Drummer / Deform
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Offline Clefairy

Bumpin' up! If no more entries come in then I'm going to have to cancel! JOINJOIN!
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Offline Omu

I'll join <3

Offline Asia

I guess I'll join. n.n
just gotta remind me or something. I forget I enter contests..

Offline Tsuki Ikutoya

ill join