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Author Topic: Feral Premades & Lineart  (Read 572 times)

Offline Clefairy

Feral Premades & Lineart
«: April 18, 2012, 07:12:12 AM»
I'm not very good at this whole remap portrait thing so HEREWEGO

-Ports will have markings added according to the wishes of their owners.
-Background will be added upon purchase according to the wishes of their owners.
-More shading will be put in according to the markings added.
-Ports will be added more than daily or daily or weekly depending on my muse.
- All ports are $2 PP or GD. 'cuzi'mnotverygood.
- I can make a port nonremap upon request. C: But might be an extra dollar based on how complicated the design is.
- Please please please be mature and don't steal the lines if they are not nosteal'd. thankyou..

No. 1. Male fox/wolf  - available

2. partly-shaded tongue wolf - available

Now, as for unfinished lineart, I AM SELLING THEM UNFINISHED. I will not finish them unless you pay a considerable amount more, which I don't see the point in doing if you can do it better yourself! >8O!

Unfinished Lineart:


whisper CLURR with questions or if you want to buy!
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Offline Clefairy

Re: Feral Premades & Lineart
«Reply #1: April 19, 2012, 11:34:11 AM»
added some lines / a port
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