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Author Topic: Clurr's Feral Ports - $4 Nonremap Pixel or Smooth  (Read 430 times)

Offline Clefairy

Clurr's Feral Ports - $4 Nonremap Pixel or Smooth
«: April 18, 2012, 08:25:11 AM»
I'm not very experienced with shading OR lines so I'm gonna go pretty cheap.

Here's the deal:

If you commission me for a portrait and end up not liking it, I will refund you. This means that you do have to pay upon seeing a completed and okayed sketch. But if you choose the refund, then you do not get the port. I will take off the design and sell it as lines or a shaded premade.

That said, smooth OR pixel ports are $4. I enjoy doing them both equally. :D And I need serious practice with both!

Now for examples.

PIXEL PORTS in no particular order:


SMOOTH PORTS in no particular order:

Now for the commission form;

1. Name of Character?
2. Smooth or Pixel?
3. Reference link (if any)?
4. Preferred pose?
5. Preferred background?
6. How to contact you?

Reply or PM me with the above form. You can alternatively whisper Clurr with this information. #SO

I love you all! :D
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