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Author Topic: Human/Neko Artist - $5.00 Flatcolor to $15.00 Fullcolor Full body.  (Read 366 times)

Offline Byleth

***$5.00 for a flat color, Maximum size is 2000x2000.

***$5.00 - $10.00 (depending on detail) Smooth Nonremap Portraits (no pixeled portraits.)

***$10.00 for a complete color with a simplistic background. Maximum size is 4000x4000

***$15.00 for a complete color, with a background. Maximum size is 5000x5000

***$30.00 for a hyper detailed, time consuming, massive desktop wallpaper of ANY size.

All through Paypal.
Payment must be received before full resolution image is given.

*I only draw humans or human-esque figures. (Anime styled, of course) Neko or anything with a more-so human build is fine. I'm just not great at severely animal based things.

Anyone who commissions me for a paid piece, can also opt to make the piece background sized initially, though the $30.00 is what will get you the most detail that my computer can handle in a single piece. . .and that my hands and wrists can take before needing ice. That does not mean that I won't take as much time on any paid for commission. I'm not trying to sell you my art and prices by including certain things. I WILL put all of my ability into ANY piece, regardless of pay. The prices only represent the time and work that goes into each respecting work.

Paid commissions are always open for more room. Don't worry.

Commission Information Basics:

(Post it/send it in a private message/note on DeviantART.)

*Character Name:



*Suggested Pose for the Character:


*Specific personality traits that will be reflected in the art:

*Send me references or anything visually specific in link form.

That's it. Either reply to this, PM me or send me a note on dA. And if you're not satisfied with your commission, I'll re-do it free of charge. But I'll need a real reason.
Reasons that will not get your commission re-done are as followed, but are not limited to;

*I thought it would be different.

*She's/He's a quarter of an inch too tall/short.

*His/Her hair is one strand off from perfection.


1. Lau


(images are too large to link previews here.)
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Offline Byleth