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Author Topic: Contest, cash prizes. - CLOSED  (Read 1411 times)

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Contest, cash prizes. - CLOSED
«: April 25, 2012, 01:54:31 AM»
Winners have been contacted. If you were not contacted by me feel free to edit and resell the artwork as a premade or do whatever you like with it.

So, I've finally started working again and it's time to spoil my two main characters! This is going to be two contests in one. Each character is a separate contest and will have a separate due date(so that way I can keep SOME spending money, lol ).

So, rules / what is expected for each character:

1.) It must be a SERIOUS entry. ALL entries will be up for public viewing. If you wish your name to remain anonymous, you must submit it to me from an anonymous link (do NOT send me the artwork! I want you to upload it somewhere and send me the link!) but you must tell ME your name at least :P

2.) I don't care how you draw it. Computer generated, pencil sketch, hand coloured, painted, w/e. It's all good with me, whatever you're comfortable with. Hell, if you wanna get creative and your forte is crafts(i.e. clay, plushies, charms, ect) submit it too! If you win I will pay for any / all shipping costs for the product, it will NOT come from your winnings!

3.) What must be submitted: 1 full body artwork piece. Can be as creative or plain as you want, but the colours MUST match the character(if coloured, black and white is accepted) and 1 portrait piece. I would prefer the portrait to be non-remappable, but if you are a better remappable artist, blow me away!

4.) I will have 4 judges who I am hoping will be unbiased. The final decision though, will be MINE. If any of my judges chooses to enter the contest, they will be removed as a judge.

5.) I have the right to refuse your entry if I find it completely unsatisfactory(i.e. stick figures, obvious hate-art against my characters, ect.) I don't feed trolls, I certainly am NOT going to pay them.

6.) Yes, you may enter BOTH contests if you want, but you are not obligated to enter both, you can do just one if you want!

7.) If you are NOT chosen as a winner, you can change the artwork and sell it as premades if you wish! If I like your artwork enough, and you do not win, I may ask to go ahead and purchase it, if so I will contact you.

8.) The prizes are NOT combined, each contest has it's own prize! i.e. Total possible winnings = $150!

Okay, that is outlined now and I am hoping I will not have to add more to them as the contests go on.

What you will be drawing!

First contest
Character name: Kishan
Gender: Male
Species: Indian BLACK tiger
Fur: Dark grey, almost black
Markings: Typical tiger markings, slightly darker than fur(see ref pics)
Eyes: Golden-orange, more gold than orange

Kishan is based off the character out of Collen Houck's books, Tiger's Curse series. There are three different ways an artist can choose to draw him:

Human: Same golden orange eyes, black hair, tanned skin, black clothes, Muscled but not bulky, martial arts kinda muscled.
Anthro: Black tiger, golden orange eyes, black hair, black clothes, Muscled but not bulky, martial arts kinda muscled.
Feral: Large black tiger(think 500lbs, healthy male), golden orange eyes

These are NOT pictures I commissioned, just some I have found to reference him!
Hairstyle for Anthro / Human: Link
Clothing: Link 2nd guy on the left, open shirt, loose fitting kinda style, sleeves to the elbow. Sorry for tiny pic, couldn't find any others that made me think of the clothing he'd wear.

Here is his website, it may answer some things I've forgotten to put, it also has some more fanpics of Kishan as a feral tiger and has the one port I have had made for him:

As stated, you can draw him in any of the above styles, I am not picky about poses but a pic I have always wanted was of his human self and his feral tiger self sitting back-to-back as if deep in thought, or even his tiger self looking into a reflective surface and seeing his human self.

DUE DATE: June 15th 29th, 2012 (This gives about a month and 2 weeks) (Date changed due to emergency that's requiring the prize money, moved to my next paycheck after the original due date)
JUDGING: The judging will be done in the week following(I have to work around my work schedule and the schedule of my judges)
Winners will be contacted via whispers in game and email and PM!

Cancelling second contest due to lack of interest. Have 2 known entries for Kishan at least, don't know if they were planning to enter Solara's or not. PM me if you were.

Second Contest
Character name: Solara
Gender: Female
Species: Anthro Dragon
Scales: Black, dark grey underside
Eyes: Golden
Horns / Claws: Golden
Tail Spade: Golden
Hair: Crimson, fashioned like a horses mane
Wings: Leathery, spined with crimson membranes
Clothing: Golden chains (Warning: Her clothing is very revealing! Though the pic can be clean nudity[i.e. no nipples, ect] you will be drawing breasts!)
Other: If you choose to show her back, running from under her hair line are golden scales trailing her spine down to the tip of her tail. She has 3 red stripes over her nose and ridged eyebrows that are red. She is a fire breather and a pyro-manipulator(i.e. she controls fire) and loves to play with fire!

Solara's website to help with anything I might not have covered, also has the one port I've had done of her and a LOT of different reference pics I've used to 'create' Solara's image for artists: Link
My own bad drawing of Solara's 'clothing' style: Link (Please note: her clothes are made of CHAINS! Not solid material!

DUE DATE: August 3rd, 2012 (This gives about 3 months and a few days! I know it's a long due date, but I'm timing it around paychecks and bills)
JUDGING: The judging will be done in the week following(I have to work around my work schedule and the schedule of my judges)
Winners will be contacted via whispers in game and email and PM!


The pieces of information everyone is dying for!

Teh Whisper (Confirmed)
Anyah (Not Confirmed)
Balthazar Faust (Confirmed)
Cheerio (Not confirmed)

NOTE: If you are reported to be trying to sway any of my judges to vote for your picture, you WILL be removed from the contest!!

1st prize: $75(paypal only, no snail mail), 75GD, or the equivalent in digos / other goods.
2nd prize: $50(paypal only, no snail mail), 50GD, or the equivalent in digos / other goods.
3rd prize: $25(paypal only, no snail mail), 25GD, or the equivalent in digos / other goods.
4th prize: $15(paypal only, no snail mail), 15GD, or the equivalent in digos / other goods.

If you are submitting an entry, it MUST be on a link of yours(i.e. your FA, DA, Photobucket, ect) do NOT send me the actual image unless you are a winner or you want me to keep the image! Remember, it must be a link to the full art piece and a link to a portrait! (You can combine these, like a large image having one area cut out for a 95x95 port)

Submission: PM me on FAZ, please title it "Contest - <character name>" or something along those lines.
If you have questions: Feel free to whisper me on Kishan, or PM me on here. I don't bite and you won't be frowned upon! I'm writing this thing up at almost 3am so I'm sure there's stuff I've forgotten!
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Re: 2 Contests in 1!
«Reply #1: May 02, 2012, 10:58:05 AM»
I'll enter. =3

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Re: 2 Contests in 1!
«Reply #2: May 02, 2012, 11:16:12 PM»
I'd really love to enter your contest but you require both character art AND a port, and I can't make ports to save my life. x.x

Good luck with your contest though!

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Re: Contest, cash prizes.
«Reply #3: May 09, 2012, 06:33:45 PM»
Cancelling second part of the contest due to lack of interest. As far as I know I've only got 2 entrants and they did not say if they were entering both or just one. If there was interest in Solara's contest please PM me to let me know.

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Re: Contest, cash prizes.
«Reply #4: May 26, 2012, 07:52:35 PM»
First entry posted

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Re: Contest, cash prizes.
«Reply #5: May 27, 2012, 04:33:45 PM»
i may want in i have to see how my schedual looks

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Re: Contest, cash prizes.
«Reply #6: June 06, 2012, 05:40:27 PM»
Due date extended due to a familial emergency that requires any/all extra cash I have atm. Due date changed to the 29th, the next paycheck after the original due date