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Author Topic: Plz redraw this, I am too lazy. Offering paypal/GD/art  (Read 460 times)

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Plz redraw this, I am too lazy. Offering paypal/GD/art
«: April 26, 2012, 04:32:42 AM»
First of all, I've got $10 paypal I can offer. or 10GD I can offer, or a mixture of both.. I've got some port spaces on top of that, or I've got my own art I can offer, which can be found here

I want something pretty specific... I have this piece I've been working on for a while that I love, but I just can't get it right.. and I'm sick of looking at it :c But I want to use it for my site background.
Here's the image.
and all of my refs are here

I like most of it... but I also hate it and I just cannot be bothered to draw the hat right, and shade the shirt. Idk why I just have no motivation to finish this, but I want it to be done ;; so take my money, and help me plz <3

What I want.
That pose. I have the smoke on a different layer that's above her so i can put it over the text box on my site, and I want to keep that, so... I don't want any smoke too far above her hand.. Also, she has a black eye.. I think the way I drew it, it just looks like shitty shading, but she has a black eye. And if her ears are showing, I want them as if they were tucked under the hat. I'd like to add her tattoos too.
It's also pretty important that the background is transparent.
idk if that makes sense.

If you're interested please whisper me on Candra, or pm me here so we can work something out.
Thanks so much. <3
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