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Author Topic: Huge list but Price check please!  (Read 695 times)

Offline Asia

Huge list but Price check please!
«: May 03, 2012, 11:29:24 PM»
I haven't really done any "official commission price list"
but I've set some prices on my artwork and would like to get feed back if i'm overcharging for my work, I think I am but my friends say I'm low balling my work.

I don't need critiques. I do that enough on my own... My art sucks, it does. LOL~

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Offline gaga

Re: Huge list but Price check please!
«Reply #1: May 04, 2012, 05:32:11 AM»
This pricing guide is a hot mess.
Most are kept simple and to the point, and examples are cropped in a neat manner and there's order to it.

I know this doesn't pertain to your prices, but it's really bothersome to look around for specifics here.

You can group together a lot of these things and have a smaller, more eye-catching price reference here by eliminating the excess groups.

You can have basic, three prices per items (ports, traditional, digital, references + sites) and just have a separate column for the extras.

Or you could just leave the 'extra' costs out and leave them up to negotiation with your potential customers. You may not have to do a huge stretch of work for some of these extra 'services' you offer on each type of commission.

It looks to me that you're charging extra for things you MIGHT not be completely ready to offer? If that's the case, don't offer some things at all if you feel like they might be too much to handle at this point in time.

I'd start on the prices, but the only thing that stuck out to me was the commission reference itself and i've exhausted myself in typing this up.

If my wording seems off, i'm tired as hell, but hopefully this might give you some general insight on what to clean up to catch more commission attention?

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Re: Huge list but Price check please!
«Reply #2: May 14, 2012, 01:11:14 AM»
Gaga's notes on you posted giude... yeah.. everything in that.

From an actual pricing standpoint... honestly to me everything seems oerpriced. The only thing that really stood out to me as being "worth the money" was the website, but that's just based on coding skills mostly (which is fine, I think you might be able to get the right amount of money for that).
Yuor chibis didn't seem too bad with pricing, sicne you requested no critque I can't go into detail but I will say that to me there is not much difference between your traditional, digital, pixel, furc work and chibis. so charging higher than what you charge on the chibis seems inappropriate.

As for help on designing the pricing guide itself.. you have so many exampels to give.. why not make separate guides? In other words, 1 pricing guide for traditional, 1 for digital, 1 for websites etc. Just because you have so much and everything really does need an example (unless you have proper categories set up on a dA account). It might take longer loading time to view each guide, but then again if someone wants to commission you they probably know what they want to commission yuo for (EX: digital work) and so would just click on the pricing guide for that category.
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