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Offline ali

«: May 09, 2012, 04:30:25 PM»
okay so i want designs for the names pineapple and creamsicle!!

it's been a while since i held a contest. SO READ ON IF YOU'RE INTERESTED~

-you cannot use bases BY OTHER PEOPLE but you may use one of your own

-adding onto that, all entries must be original and designed by /YOU/ and only /YOU/ (unless you have permission from a friend to make them draw for you i dunno)

-email or note me your entries, do NOT POST THEM ONLINE IN GALLERIES because i don't want others stealing ideas, however you are free to link me to pictures via photobucket/tinypic privately

-all entries must be colored ditigally, no traditional entries unless you can clearly show colors, because the color choices are important and the winning images will be used as references

-nude & clothing references are preferred, please have a sfw version if you do a nude entry, and for clothes, have a naked version to show markings etc, bonus points if you can be creative!!

-if you do nude versions, try to not show genitals because i would prefer gender neutral entries (doesn't mean they can't be overly feminine though!!)

-if you do not win, YOU HAVE TO MODIFY YOUR ENTRIES AND SHOW ME BEFORE RESELLING i don't want clones running around, although you can either sell or keep them for yourselves, /with edits/

pineapple - self explanitory, markings modeled after a pineapple, yellows/browns/golds/greens, with leaves, preferably furry, gender doesn't matter

i kind of envision a giraffe or monkey... but be creative!

creamsicle - preferably furry OR kemonomimi, cat species, maybe something else? orange/cream/white/neutrals, gender doesn't matter

since there are two characters, there'll be two winners- both winners will receive $20 paypal, MAYBE MORE and if preferred, art, either a design of your choice or an art piece

if i like more than 2 designs (will most likely be clothes)... we can discuss runner up prizes uvu

before i leave for florida, which will be on june 2nd SO I CAN DRAW THEM ON THE PLANE!! date may be extended if needed~ prizes will be distributed on june 3rd, or possibly later, if it means i can get more!!


GOOD LUCK !!!! :3 :3 :3

it ended forever ago SRY
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