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Author Topic: Seeking a Couple of semi-complicated things...  (Read 392 times)

Offline Zuit

Seeking a Couple of semi-complicated things...
«: May 30, 2012, 11:55:38 AM»

So here's the deal. My boyfriend is leaving for China in less then 2 days. (Friday morning.) I want to get him a gift. A drawn photo of him and his dog Magnolia.
I know that's a short time span, but at this moment I am DESPERATE. And I don't want to be paying for something super expensive either. ;;

I'll pay with Paypal OR if you want to do this and a couple of other photos for me, I will give you a Life Flox.

The other thing I want done, is my brother's baseball team. It's very complicated to explain, so if you're interested in the Life Flox bundle, I'll go into further details to serious inquires only.

Whisper me on 'Mota' or PM me. I won't look at this board too much.