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Author Topic: closed  (Read 360 times)

Offline lmao

«: June 05, 2012, 12:34:01 PM»
tablet is being finnicky and scanner is nonexistent. commissions closed.

everybody loves child labor :3

Examples! (click pictures to enlarge)
design is eve's - design(?) is mine - design is gravity's - design is mine
for more, i also post many more arts on my tumblr
i'm capable of different styles :>

What to do! (proceed to read this in an announcer's voice.)
- decide if you like my art!
- if you do, contact me! post here or whisper me on lmao in furc!
- tell me what you want!
- i take noble rodents, noble hyoomans, dragonscales, and portspaces as payment, so decide what you want to pay me with!
- wait!
- receive art!
- love it!

What I won't do!
- ports/patches/etc! i suck at them at the moment!
- porn! i suck at that too! (however, i may do tasteful nudity. what is "tasteful" is up to me)
- ferals! i suck at these especially, but don't worry, i'm practicing! i may consider it if you bribe me
- pay YOU to draw your character! it goes the other way around, didn't you know that?!

What I charge!
- sketch (example): 2gd!
- lineart: 4gd / portspace!
- cutesy (example): 5gd / portspace!
- colored but not shaded (ex one / two): 6gd / portspace!
- colored and shaded: 8 gd / combination 2gd and portspace!
- more than one character: depends on the style you would like and how many characters! will take expiring digos
- with a background (for any of them): add 2 gd!
- if you wish to art trade instead of pay, i will consider it

[/announcer's voice]

basing off of the examples i have up right now, i take 1 day to produce something. different things may have different ETAs - i'll try to get them done to the best of my ability.
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