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Author Topic: MOORE's Feral Ports ♥ ($15)  (Read 482 times)

Offline Moore

MOORE's Feral Ports ♥ ($15)
«: June 08, 2012, 04:10:27 PM»
Moore's Feral Portraits

Hello everyone! I haven't opened commissions in a very long time, but I'm really interested in working with some special commissioners on unique portraits.

I'm offering 4 slots for $15 each - payable via Paypal only, with an extra $5 fee for more complex designs (hair, buttloads of accessories, etc).

I am looking to branch out artistically, and I encourage commissioners who aren't picky about colors and style. I'm more comfortable with canines, but I'll try other animals!

Also please be aware that I will not hesitate to drop a rude commissioner. If you have a history of being nasty, commission someone else.

These are my most recent, though I'm interested in trying out some new techniques and backgrounds/scenes/poses.


Interested? PM me with the following:
Reference of your character
Character's personality (Optional)
Background preference (Also optional)
I require payment after I have accepted your commission.

Edit: I should probably mention that by accepting your commission, means I'm ready to work on it. I'm not requiring payment and then forcing you to wait days until you receive a finished piece, that'd be ridiculous! ♥
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